One-on-One Training

Learn just what you need to know!

One-on-One Training provides individuals with intensive, personalized, hands-on training. Our trainers will customize a course based on exactly what you want to learn, and then teach you - right by your side! Let us talk with you and find out what you would like to accomplish before your training begins. Then we will structure the class in that direction so that it is customized to your specific needs. You won't have to sit through a class which does not pertain to exactly what you need to learn. You can even bring in your own material to work on so the training can be more productive! 

Unique Benefits Of One-on-One Training:

— We can customize any of our courses to cover the right topics to suit your needs
— Individual attention - allowing you to learn at your own pace
— Bring in your own material to work on if desired
— Freedom to stop and ask as many questions as necessary
— No being held back or overshadowed by a larger group - 100% focus on your needs


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Resolutions Training Facility

Our Training Facility is just a short drive from a number of major metropolitan centers, including Baltimore, MD (80 miles), Philadelphia, PA (110 miles), Washington, D.C. (125 miles), New York City, NY (170 miles), and Pittsburgh, PA (200 miles).

Conveniently located in Lancaster, PA, we provide training, consulting, and creative services throughout Pennsylvania, including: Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA, York, PA, Gettysburg, PA, Hershey, PA, Lebanon, PA, Reading, PA, Carlisle, PA, Chambersburg,PA, State College, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA; and throughout the USA.

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